Friday, May 29, 2009


[Okinawan NGOs in the U.S.]

Okinawa Peace Network of Los Angeles

[Environmental Organizations]

Save the Dugong Campaign Center (SDCC)
They are collecting signatures on the petition which calls for the implementation of the recommendation to the Japanese and the US government.
Please sign for the petition and support them!!
The English version is here:
Call for Immediate Implementation of the IUCN Resolution

Dugong Network Okinawa (Japanese ONLY)
An organization that -- along with the Save the Dugong Foundation, Save Life Society, and Earth Justice -- filed a lawsuit against the Department of Defense to protect the dugong's ocean habitat from destruction caused by the construction of a floating airbase atop Okinawa's coral reef. In January 2008, a federal court ruled against the Department of Defense.

International Union for Conservation of Nature (ICUN)
"ICUN," the International Union for Conservation of Nature, adapted recommendation to protect the Okinawa dugong on Oct, 14 during the world conservation congress


Save the Dugong Foundation
Representatives: Yoshiki Tamaki, Sadao Ikehara, Shintoku Kamura
Secretary :Takuma Higashionna
48 Setake, Nago-shi, Okinawa-ken
905-2266 Japan

Save Life Society
"Save Life Society" was formed by the elders mostly in their 80's and 90's to prevent construction of the monstrous air base, which will be offered to the U.S. Marine Corps based on Japan U.S. Peace Treaty, in the coral sea of Henoko, Nago, Okinawa, Japan. The air base has allegedly been planned by the Japanese and US governments. We, therefore, set up a sit-in camp in front of the fishing port of Henoko in 1996 in order to be prepared for any future development of the controversial project.

World Wide Fund For Nature Japan
For contacts: Shin-ichi Hanawa
Nihonseimei Akabanebashi Bldg. 6 Fl.
3-1-14 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
〒105-0014 Japan

[No Helipad in Takae Organizations]

Residence’s group of No Helipad(Japanese only)

Voice of Takae (New base)

Project Disagree

[Women's Organizations]

Women for Genuine Security

[International Organizations]

Hawai'i Okinawa Alliance (HOA)

[Information about U.S. base issues in Okinawa]

Okinawa Prefecture -- Military Base information

Japan Policy Research Institute

People's Plan Japonesia

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