Saturday, May 30, 2009

Take Action!

Posted below is a link to a petition to protect the Okinawa Dugong.
Please sign for the petition and support them!

Save the Dugong Campaign Center (SDCC)( is collecting signatures on the petition which calls for the implementation of the recommendation to the Japanese and the US government.

The English version is here:
Call for Immediate Implementation of the IUCN Resolution

Sample Letter:

The following below is a sample letter to send to U.S. politicians.
Please feel free to alter the sample letter to address your representatives in Congress and support people in Okinawa!


Dear Representative/Senator _________________:

I am writing to urge you to oppose expansion to the American military presence abroad, especially in areas such as Okinawa, Japan where there is no active conflict and where the base presence causes irreparable harm to the society and environment in which it exists.

The large peace community in your constituency would like to see you adopt the issue of reducing or eliminating the American military presence on Okinawa and urge your fellow representatives, senators, and cabinet members to work to remedy this dire situation. There are many concrete steps that could be taken, including:

1. Cancel the construction of the new airfield in Nago City and heliport in Higashi Village, which will not only imperil the citizens of Okinawa but also destroy large areas of subtropical forest and coral reef.

2. Call for the return of Futenma base to Okinawa without condition. The current plan merely trades Futenma base for new, costly development.

3. Advocate for further reductions in the military presence in Okinawa, including the return of all bases south of Kadena, a policy which has already been agreed upon but has yet to be carried out.

The U.S. government’s support and resources could go a long way to support sustained peace in Asia, protect the environment, and promote sustainable development in Okinawa. I urge you to oppose any expansion to the American military presence in Okinawa and continue to advocate for policies that do not increase violence and inequality but rather create the necessary steps towards improving the living conditions for Okinawans and creating a lasting peace in Asia.





White House Contacts
Comment Line:202.456.1111; Fax: 202.456.2461
White House: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC 20500

In Oregon:

Senator Ron Wyden
DC: 202.224.5244; Fax: 202.228.2717
Portland: 503.326.7525; Fax: 503.326.7528
Eugene: 541.431.0229

Rep. David Wu, 1st District
DC: 202.225.0855; Fax: 202.225.9497
Portland: 503.326.2901: Fax: 503.326.5066

Rep. Earl Blumenauer, 3rd District
DC: 202.225.4811; Fax: 202.225.8941
Portland: 503.231.2300; Fax: 503.231.2300

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